Fluff Trials Ch.1 By Slime It was a cool cloudy October day and John was getting up at the sound of his alarm. He had set it to six o clock so he could get up and do the daily rituals. His cat was already on his bed meowing for breakfast as she usually did as he sat on his bed shaking the sleep away. He got up and went to the restroom to wash his face and have a piss before going down the hall to where a small closet was. He took out a small bag of dry cat food and poured some for his cat Janis who basically inhaled the stuff. As the cat ate her small food bowl in the hallway, John went into the living room where another door was just as you exited the archway. In that room were a family of fluffies he had kept since he found them trespassing in his backyard searching for food. It was a safe-room he made completely on his own and on a shoe string budget.

He opened the door and stepped over the small gate as he entered. He went in and opened the curtains to the room and let the sunlight flood in. This stirred the blue mare from her sleep a bit as the three foals on her back fluff slept peacefully.

“………Id am wakies time?” The mare asked in a sleepy tone. She then got each foal down from her back and gave them good morning hugs like she always did and set them down so she could go an eat.

“Wakies speshuw fwen. Id am wakies timsies.” The mare told the green stallion that was still sleeping on its side in the cheaply made nest.

“Nu wan, am su sweepy…..” The stallion said as he yawned. The mare only nudged him until he finally jutted up his head and woke up. They both waddled up to John as he stood there watching them and started to ask for their morning meal. “Can habs nummies daddeh? Mummah nee nummies tu make gud miwkies fo gud babbehs!” The blue mare said happily as she smiled up at John. The foals were already babbling away about being hungry and one was even crying already. There were three foals in the nest, one blue, one green, and one yellow, all of them earthies. While John went to the counter top nearby to fetch the dry fluffy kibble. The kibble itself was a cheap upon cheap substitute that John found on a South Korean site. The bag itself was covered in a lot of what looked like discount stickers but the fluffs ate it all the same. He poured a bit into their own bowls and went to go and look at the foals in the nest. He looked about in the nest but eventually found it, the little brown foal that he had left to sleep with the rest was now by the litter box. It hid behind the thing and looked out longingly at the foals in their nest. John went over and grabbed the brown foal to put it in the nest with the rest. The nest itself was made up of a small old dog bed and some old towels he found in the garage. “Nu wan poopie babbeh in nestie!” The blue filly colt said as he moved away from its sibling. “Mummah! Mummah, poopie babbeh am hewe!!” The green foal yelled out to its mother. The yellow foal only tried to scoot away from it as it squeaked in fright. The mare heard this and lifted her head to see what was all the racket. When she caught sight of the brown foal trying to make itself comfortable in the nest did she turn around and waddle up as fast as she could. “Nu wan poopie babbeh hewe!! Gu way!! Nu wan!!” The mare yelled at it as she then picked it up by the back fluff and flung it out of the nest where it landed with a hard thud on the floor a bit away. “Huuu!! Hab huwties! Mummah!!” The brown foals cried out as it lay on its side as it called out for its mother for comfort even though she is the one you hurt it. It always amazed John to see how easily these things forgot things and how they always went back to being abused, with only the smartest of them getting away which was rare enough as it is. “Why are you treating the little brown foal like that? It’s your baby and you need to take care of it.” John told the mare as the stallion made its way back to the nest burping. The mare was now getting ready to feed her foals as she lay on her side. She first put the blue and green foals first to feed, with the yellow colt having to wait its turn. “Nu wan dummeh poopie babbeh daddeh, Id am dummeh! Gud babbehs nee miwkies nao daddeh.” The blue mare told John in a matter of fact tone as if it was just a truth that was obvious. This angered John and so he pulled off the small blue colt from the teat and brought it up to the mare’s face. “If the brown babbeh doesn’t get to eat than this one doesn’t eat either.” He told the mare as he gave the chubby little foal a bit of a squeaz. “Nuuu!! Bestest babbeh nee miwkies!! Pwees daddeh, gib mummah bestest babbeh! Nu huwties babbeh!” She pleaded as she watched the foal’s eyes bug out a bit from the squeezing. “Then feed the brown one, and maybe I’ll let this one finish.” He told the mare as the stallion watched from the side in an anxious way. He grabbed the brown foal and put it at the mare’s teat next to the green colt that was stull sucking away fiercely. The brown foal first sniffed the teat and then latched on and started to drink with gusto as the mare only seemed to be disgusted with the entire thing. “Nuuu! Poopie babbeh dwink aww bestest babbehs miwkies!! Mummah!!!” The blue colt screamed as he wiggled and thrashed in John’s hand. The mare kept looking over at its “bestest babbeh” as it was going to disappear soon. When the brown foal finished and was now sitting on its rump burping did the green foal also sit back. Both foals were fed and full as he then put the blue colt on the teat to finish up what was left. The yellow foal was waddling up to the mare’s teat when it was stopped by the chubby mother. “Dancie babbeh make gud dancies fo mummah!” The mare demanded as the yellow foal looked at her with a hungry expression. “Bu bu mummah, am suuuu hungies! Pwees, cans hab gud miwkies?” The foal asked as the he sat on his rump. The mare only shook its head and so the little yellow foals head fell as it knew what it had to do. It got up on its hind legs and did a little jig as he waved its littles front hooves around in semi circles. All the while the foal watched the blue colt suck up the milk and danced harder as it was afraid it was going to run out, and usually it did. When the mare was satisfied, she giggled letting the yellow foal know that she was pleased with its little dance and that it could now drink some milk. The foal waddled up as fast as it could and latched on to the nipple and drank a few mouthfuls before it was depleted. Such was the fate of the yellow dancie babbeh, John didn’t like the ranking system but he had a few things in store for this particular fluffy family since they were so found of the system. “Gud babbehs, mummah wub yu!” The mare said to the three as she gave them a hug each. The brown foal only held its head low as it watched its siblings get the love and attention he never would. Just then the green stallion went up to the now fed foals and grabbed the green and blue foals so he could take them by the toys in the middle of the room. He always played with the foals every morning but always made the yellow foal follow and never let the brown foal play, not even once. The last time John tried to the stallion to play with the brown foal, he ended up biting a little bit of its side fluff off which traumatized the little thing since it now hid anytime the green stallion was near. “Pway wid toysies babbhes! Hewe am stuffy fwen heehee!”The stallion said as he brought over a stuffy friend for his precious green foal to play with. The three foals took turns hugging the stuffy friend as their father played with his stacking blocks like he loved to do. John noticed the brown foal trying to get close to the foals playing as it inched closer and closer. “Can poopie babbeh pway wid stuffy fwen? Wan huggies…..” The brown foal said to the three foals playing nearby. The chubby blue colt was he first to step up as it puffed out its little cheeks and stomped its front right hoof. “Nu! Poopie babbeh nu ged pway wid stuffy fwen o ged huggies!!”. “Gu way dummeh o mummah gon gib yu huwties!!” The green colt yelled out following up its blue brother’s declaration. The yellow foal only looked on sadly as it didn’t know what to do. The Blue foal then blew a raspberry at its unfortunate brother. The commotion made the green stallion turn its head to see what was going on. “Dummeh poopie babbeh!! Gu way! Nu can pway wid gud babbehs!!” The stallion yelled as it charged the brown foal and pushed it away with its head. The little thing rolled away and into a heap of old t-shirts that were on the floor. “Huuhuuhuuu!” The little brown colt cried as it lay on its side wiggling its little hooves in pain. These things were always doing stuff like this even when John was around trying to correct them. He felt as long as they didn’t kill the little thing everything was alright. He just wondered how they treated the poor thing when he wasn’t around. He walked over to the stallion and picked up its three stacking blocks and set them on top of the counter nearby. “Nuu!! Daddeh, pwees nu take way bwockieeees!! Am gud fwuffeh!” The stallion pleaded as he watched his blocks sit on top of the counter. The stallion jumped on his hooves and eventually waddled up to the counter and stood on his hind legs to try and reach the blocks but he was far too small. “Huuhuu!! Am gud fwuffeh!!” The stallion wailed in a bratty way as John went over to the three foals and took away their stuffy friend. “Nu! Babbeh wan toysie!!” The blue colt cried as it sat on its rump wailing to the ceiling. John just set it on the counter as well. The mare was just watching from the nest as this all went down. It had been two weeks since he had captured the fluffies in his backyard and set them in the safe-room. Since the mare had her foals in the room, they had never been out of it. John felt it was now time since he wanted to take them to the backyard. He stood up from kneeling on the floor and clasped his hands together to get the fluffies attention. ‘” Ok guys, we are heading outside so you gather up the babbehs and follow me!” He told them as he scooted the foals over to the mother and snapped his fingers to call over the stallion who was still trying to reach his blocks. The mare put the blue and green foals on her back and the stallion went and grabbed the yellow foal. Once they had their foals on their backs, they looked up at him waiting. “I think you forgot one, here let me help you.” John told them as he plucked the brown colt from the floor and deposited him on the stallions back. Immediately the stallion grunted with dissatisfaction and bucked a bit trying to get the foal off but ended up dropping both. It looked like they were just going to have to keep up with the group. John went and opened the door moving the small gate to the side so the fluffies could pass. As they stepped outside the safe room, the mare and stallion looking back and forth from the doorway to make sure everything was safe before actually stepping out. Seeing that it was clear of danger the both waddled on when suddenly Janis leapt out from behind the door and tackled the fat blue mare making her spill her two foals onto the floor. The cat dug its claws into the mare’s side as it also bit into the neck playfully. The cat always loved messing around with things and saw the fluffies for what they truly were, play things. The foals wanted to waddle back to their mother but were too scared of the cat so they raced to their father instead. The stallion only backed up from the cat and the mare as it watched in horror. “Nuu!! Nu huwt mummah!! Daddeh, mummah nee hewp!!” The stallion called up to John as he stood there also watching the cat have its fun. The mare was screaming and kicking with all its might to get the cat to stop gnawing on her but the cat only dug in deeper taking chunks of flesh as she went. John shooshed the cat away and so the cat bounded off leaving the mare a crying mess on the floor. “Huuuu!! Mummah hab huwties!! Hewp daddeh!!” The mare screamed as she lay on her side bleeding from where the cat ripped out the chunks of blue fluff. The mare soon got up and onto its hooves and started to look for its foals that it had on its back. “Whewe am babbeh!? Babbeh!! Cum tu mummah!!” The mare called out momentarily forgetting her pain as she searched for her precious foals. “Babbeh am hewe mummah!” The fat blue colt replied as it waddled from behind its father. It was followed by its green sibling as it waddled as fast as it could to its mother. The stallion went up and helped the mare put the two foals on her back as the brown and yellow foals stayed on the ground behind their father. John had just about enough of this interruption so he gave the mare and stallion a scoot with his foot. Once they were moving along and following John to the kitchen did the yellow foal speak up a bit. “Nu wan wawkies. Wan wide in fwuff wid mummah!” The yellow foal whined as it was getting tired. The brown foal only waddled along with its head down behind the family. The mare kept looking from side to side for signs of the cat anxiously taking a pause here and there to listen. John didn’t have patience for this so he would give the mare a little kick every so often to keep her moving. “Nu huwt gud mummah!” The mare cried as she kept moving. The thing was now calling itself a “gud mummah”, John couldn’t believe it. The mare and the rest of the family had finally made it to the door leading to the backyard that was at the end of the kitchen. He opened the door and waited for the fluffies to step outside. The mare was still scared from the cat and didn’t want to cross the threshold and started to back away. “Nuh uh.” John said as he then proceeded to give the mare a firm kick in the ass making her flip forward and hit the ground hard as she slammed her head onto the pavement. The blue and green colts went flying off their mothers’ fluff once again and onto the hard pavement themselves. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Weggie huwties weggie huwties!!” The green foal cried out as its little front right leg was bent in an odd position. The blue foal was crying about its pain on its side as it called out for its mother. With the stallion waddling up to the mare to try and help her he left the two other foals behind as they raced to keep up with him. “Speshuw fwen!! Babbeh hab huwties!! Weggie am hab huwties!!” The green stallion panickily yelled at the mare. “Wha? Babbeh hab huwties?? Babbeh nee huggies!!” The mare shouted back as she picked up the small green colt that was trying to stand up. It was plucked off the floor and put into a hard embrace that it wiggled against. “Nuu mummah!! Huggies am gib huwties!! Eeeeee!!” The thing went as it tried to slip out of its mothers’ embrace. The mother finally put the foal down after much crying and moaning but as soon as foal was on the floor did it try again to stand up and move about failing each attempt. The small thing was now on its rump holding its right leg up in pain as it throbbed in a swollen mess. John left the fluffies to move around on the pavement on the patio while he went to go and get a small cage he had on the side of the house. He retrieved it and looked it over as he made sure it was still solid. When he brought the cage to the main area of the backyard, he put it on the floor next to the mare. The mare and stallion immediately started to panic and shout up at John. “Nuuuu!! Nu wan sowwy box daddeh!!” The stallion shouted as he looked up fearfully at John. The mare was slower on the uptake as she then got the hint that it was something bad at the sight of her special friend freaking out. It seemed that the stallion was the one who came from a household whereas the mare was probably a feral that came from nothing and thus was ignorant to what the cage meant. The foals were also none the wiser but eventually picked up on their father’s fear and soon all the fluffies were either begging or crying up a storm. “Oh no, this is for only one of you? Now which one of you should go in there? Only one and it has to be from your family, ok.” John explained to the fluffies hoping that they would just get it. “Nuuuu!! Daddeh pwees nu make gud famwy gu in sowwy box! Am sowwy!!” The stallion yelled pleadingly as he was the first to understand what was going on. The mare just went over and snatched up both the green and blue colt in a massive hug trying to keep them close as she felt something wrong with how the stallion was begging. “Nope, one of you is going in so you better choose. Choose now or Im going to give the bestest babbeh hurties.” John threatened. The tension was in the air was the mare and the stallion looked at each other and then to the two foals that were behind the stallion. The yellow foal was trying to get his father to hug him with its front hooves raised up in a “wan huggies” pose as these things usually did. “Nu wan! Aww babbehs am gud babbehs and mummah am gud mummah!!” The stallion said as it didn’t even consider itself for the task. They continued looking about as they didn’t know what to do until the green stallion laid its eyes on the little brown foal that was next to the yellow foal asking for a hug. “Huggies daddeh? Poopie babbeh wan huggies!” It spoke up to its father as it tried to stat standing on its hind legs. The stallion stared at the brown foal until something finally clicked. It looked up at John and pointed to the brown foal with its head. “Dis babbeh! Poopie babbeh gu tu sowwy box daddeh! An famwy ged nummies??” The stallion said as it asked for food in hopes that it did something good. It had chosen the brown foal, the designated poopie babbeh. Such was the fate of most brown foals to be the first to be given up, it made John’s fire grow. “Is that right, you want this one to go in the sorry box?” John asked the mare as she held her two colts close to her chest turning her body so that the foals weren’t visible to John. “Nu wan dummeh poopie babbeh! Can habs nummies?” The mare asked asfter condeming the brown foal. The brown colt heard all this and its little ears lowered as it started to sniffle a bit as it looked at its mother and father. “Poopie babbeh am saddies! Huuhuuu!” The thing went. John made up his mind as he then yanked the mare by a chunk of blue fluff that was left on her side and threw her into the cage. He closed the door and let the mare scramble to get up and make her way to the cage’s door. She stuck her hoof out from the gap in the bars and started to wail. “Nuuuu!! Wet mummah out!! Babbehs nee mummah! Ged dummeh poopie babbeh!!!” The mare squealed as snot fell down from her nose and the tears flowed. John was pleased with his decision as the mare’s misery was pleasing but it was only just beginning for the chubby little bio toy. “Speshuw fwen!! Nuuu!! Wet gud mummah out!!” The stallion cried out as he ran up to the cage and got on his hind legs to try and paw at the cage. “Mummah!” “babbeh hab weggie huwties mummah!!” “Huuhuuhuu!!” The foals all went as they didn’t know how to process what was happening. The stallion was now trying to bite the bars with his dull fluffy teeth but go nowhere except some pain in his mouth. After a few attempts the stallion ended up losing a tooth as blood dripped out his mouth. “Mouthie huwties!!!” The sight was a funny one as John giggled a bit at the sight of the stallion panicking about his tooth loss. The foals were now waddling toward the cage trying to see if they could fit through the bars once there. John picked up the cage and took it to the middle of the backyard and set it on the grass. The fluffies followed john and were now around the cage begging the mare to be outside with them. The little green foal was still limping its way to the cage when John gave it a shove backwards with his foot sending it rolling until stopped in the tall grass. “Eeeeeeee!! Weggieeee!!! Huuuu!!!” The foal cried out as its bad leg got banged up some more. All the crying and begging was getting to John so he went to the palapa that was to the corner of the backyard and dug through a chest filled with random tools and equipment. He found what he was looking for as he pulled out a stake and some twine. He went over to the fluffies and picked up the little fat blue colt and brought it over to a few feet away from the mother’s cage and jammed the stake in the ground, getting a rock that was laying nearby to hammer it at the way in. He then got the twine and wrapping around the little foals’ genitals tightly. He made sure to really put the pressure on the little colt so that it really felt it. “EEEEEEEEEEE!!! SPESHUW WUMP HUWTIES!! NU NU STICK HUWTIIIIEEEEESSS!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!” The colt screamed as John set it down and tied the other end to the stake. The little thing wiggles on its side kicking its little legs as it kept on screaming like crazy about its “special lumps and no no stick”. The green stallion didn’t know what to do as he looked from the foal to the mare and then to John. “Pweees daddeh, hewp gud famwy!! Dey am gud fwuffehs!! Pwees daddeh!!” It begged as it waddled up to Johns leg. “You all will stay out here from now on. No more safe room, no more nestie, and no more nummies get it? You are now outside fluffies.” He told the stallion and mare. They looked at him scared and wide eyed as he turned around to leave them. “Nuuu daddeh!! Nu weave! Am sowwy daddeh!! Famwy nee daddeh!!” The stallion begged as he tried to follow John but he only gave it a kick backwards. John closed the door to the backyard as he went over to the fridge. He grabbed a water bottle and drank a bit as he thought about what the fluffies would be up to the next day he checked in on them, for now he had things to do and work that needed to get done. He threw the water bottle in the trash as he bent down to get to the cupboard under the sink. Inside it was a box that was rumbling as something inside was crying softly. He gave the box a shake and let the thing inside scream in fright as it hit the side of the small box. He opened the door to the box and poured out a white stallion with ratty fluff. This fluffy smelled terrible as it had feces caked on its back side and on its side of its fluff. The box also contained a pool of urine within it that poured out with the stallion. The white fluffy was an earthie and was trying to cower into a ball to hide itself. “Nu huwt fwuffeh nu mo…..nu wan sowwy boxie……”The stallion cried softly as it shivered in fear. John smiled as he looked down at the pathetic sight. He knelt down to look at the fluffy directly. “Are you ready for today?” John asked the stallion as it cried even harder in its pitiful puddle of urine and feces.

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Published On: October 28, 2020

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