What are Flufffies? What is this website about?

Deep down you are a Fluffy and you want to abuse that fluffy

What is a fluffy?

Fluffies are nothing more but a metaphor for human fallibility. An artificially created organism that desires nothing more than survival (security), love ( approval), and control (skettis/playtime,babbehs, good feels). They reflect what we are without Godly inspiration. They reflect what we are with our fallible egos without God to guide us. And we hate that this is what we Truly our when left with our own devices.

If you’d have a ‘feral child’ that was without education and without external support, that feral child would not be any smarter than a Fluffy. Even if it somehow learned to speak, it would speak like a fluffy would speak.

  •   In this way,  fluffies reflect what we truly are. And we hate it. That’s why we want to destroy it. Fluffy pony art on a deep subconscious collective unconscious level reflects that.
    That is why fluffy pony art is great, and why I created this archive,  so that a viewer can look at the art and see a view of how God sees us in it.


Wha? God? What do Fluffies have to do with God.

God is a perfect loving, all knowing intelligent and conscious force of nature. But when God looks at us, he sees us as nothing but limited beings with limited intelligence with base desires that understand nothing.

He sees us as Fluffies.

People often ask “Why does God allow bad things to happen to Good people?”
We could rephrase this question as
“Why do Fluffy comic authors allow bad things to happen to Good Fluffies?”

Because that’s how God sees us. Fluffies. So when you read these stories where a ‘good’ fluffy is abused, ask yourself. Why did the author allow bad things to happen to this Good fluffy?
Ask yourself this!

And once you ask yourself this repeatedly, story after story. You’ll reach the conclusion to the question:
“Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”

Why does an all knowing-being who constantly observes us allow bad things happen to good people? Because he’s the viewer and writer of this story of life,  and to him it’s entertaining to do this!
Just like sometimes it’s entertaining for  the author to do this to fluffies.

Ask yourself the question, “Why did the author allow bad things to happen to this good fluffy?” And you’ll learn why God allows bad things to happen to good people.

Why do we want to hurt fluffies?

Fluffies in the lore are an artificial pet created by a company called “Hasbio” that wanted to create a talking pet that could say “I love you”. Originally they were not supposed to be able to breed, but the first fluffy prototypes were released prematurely by eco-terrorists and could not be perfected,  as the company had to rush them to market. The result is an imperfect biological pet that’s a reflection of our human imperfection.

Just as humans created fluffies. God created humans. And just like sometimes fluffy authors create ‘hugbox’ content because fluffies are cute.  God sometimes loves humans and treats us nice and doesn’t punish us. But sometimes when we think we’re smarter than God, we evoke God’s wrath. This is depicted in the fluffy stories as a ‘smarty’ who evokes a human’s wrath.

When you look at a fluffy you see a weak thing that cannot excel. Shits where it shouldn’t shit. Is greedy. And it’s too stupid to understand anything. That’s why you want to punish it,  that’s why God wants to punish you.

And you know that punishment is wrong and isn’t effective in changing someone,  but you still do it. For your own entertainment. Same with God. God doesn’t  punish you to better yourself. God punishes you to entertain himself.

In this way, fluffy literature teaches us how not to be smarties and how to submit to God’s ultimate will.

And how can we do that?

The answer is simple: By letting go of our desire for control, approval and security. Just like when a fluffy fully lets go of those desires and submits to Gods will, he gets skettis and huggies and wuv.

 I just want to learn about fluffies without god and psychology…

A description of fluffy community without the interpretation of it’s true Godly meaning. In short,  fluffies are anthropomorphic ponies with limited intelligence that were artificially created by humans. They are so cute they evoke in us something that psychologists called “Cute aggression”. Cute agression happens  when something is so  cute you want to hurt it. Previously this psychological mechanism was responsible for the sucess of the Mondo Media show Happy Tree Friends. Now it gave birth to a fandom where people write stories where cute  anthropomorphic ponies are: abused, loved (hugbox) or something weird happens to them ( weirdbox). 

Why create an archieve for a silly fandom born from 4chan? It’s stupid.

Fluffies are the ultimate expression of what you truly are. That’s why you cannot reach enlightenment and let go of your desire for approval, control and security. Because deep down you know that you are this vulnerable fluffy pony, that’s too stupid to reach godhood. You want to punish yourself, because you don’t deserve God.
 This is the truth behind fluffy ponies, and why this art movement has to be preserved. Fluffy ponies have a deep message that no one understands. If you can see fluffies as a metaphor for how God sees us you’ll be one step closer to the ultimate truth.

How about less Woo…

From a psychoanalytic/psychodynamic perspective. Fluffies reflect what we hate in ourselves. Our weakness and hubris. The literature helps us reflect on how to overcome our faults by accepting them. Without trying to escape from them which turns us into smarties which are a metaphor for narcisistic people. 

So I can submit posts here? Is this like fluffyborru?

This is a curated archive of the best fluffy posts that reveal Gods will. Please submit fluffy posts here if you think they are a good reflection of how God sees us. Please only submit finished comics and stories with a beginning, middle and an end. Please adhere to basic story structure. Know that if you submit an unfinished story or comic an ending will be written for you, because that’s how much I care. Please use the submission form to do that.

The submissions are curated, and if no analysis of God’s truth is provided one will be written for you because God loves you and so do I.  

If you want a furaffinity style website where you can post fluffy stuff without curation please go to fluffycommunity.com

This art is always transformed by commentary and as such it falls within fair use. It is commented upon and turned into SCRIPTURE!

But why use your website? Why not just use reddit or fluffycommunity.com

This website doesn’t compete with those. This is a curated archive of the best fluffy pony narrative art in a webcomic format along with an analysis of that content from a spiritual perspective. It’s a distinct thing.  I’m browsing these communities and curating the best content with the goal of creating the most optimal reading experience possible.  This website is mobile optimized so you can easily read it  on your phone,  and subscribe to it via email so you won’t miss the best fluffy art out there. It also doesn’t have the censorship reddit and fluffycommunity.com does so you  will often find content here you won’t find there. 


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